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Gross regional output (GRO) in 2006 – 5,2 bln. Euros.

GRO annual growth – 9-10%

Investments in fixed capital (in 2006) – 0,8 bln. Euros.


The dynamics of the GRO over the last 5 years shows a high rate of economic growth. In respect of production volume the Region ranks 3d among the leading regions of Central Russia.

The aggregative GRO structure shows the concentration of the regional economics on goods manufacturing.


More than 50% of the GRO is provided by the manufacturing sector. At that, industry supports about 40% of the gross added value.  So it is the growth rate in the manufacturing sector that affects the GRO growth the most. 

Among the other regions of Central Russia the Yaroslavl demonstrates one of the highest growth rates.



The Yaroslavl Region is a highly industrialized part of Russia that has always played a great role in the economic development of the country.

The Yaroslavl Region with its 4460 manufacturing enterprises has industrial economy with 86.5% of the industrial sector belonging to manufacturing industries, 13.2% - to production and distribution of electricity, gas and water and 0.3% - to mining.


Industrial structure in the regional output:

Chemical & petrochemical


Vehicle and equipment production


Food industry


Coke and mineral oil industry


Rubber and plastic products


Electrical, electronic and optical equipment


Machinery and equipment


Construction materials


Textile and sewing production




In 2005 the volume of agricultural production amounted to 320 mln.Euro.

The share of livestock breeding forms 52.6 %, plant growing - 47.4 %.

The annual growth of the total agricultural output is 4-5 %.

The Yaroslavl Region has an excellent potential for developing agricultural production and manufacturing industries. A remarkable example of it is establishment of a full-stroke industrial complex: starting from flax growing, further processing into flax fabrics and finally producing garment and linen goods.  


Small business and Entrepreneurship

The Yaroslavl Region constantly develops a system of State support and development of small-scale private enterprises, including a base of legal rules and standard acts helping to create favorable conditions for small-scale private business, an appropriate Regional Government structure realizing regional policy as well as an infrastructure to support small-scale private business.

In 2006 the Yaroslavl Region realized:


- A special support program for small-scale private enterprises;

- A special support program for small-scale private industrial enterprises through developing industrial cooperation. 


The regional policy includes financial and material support for small-scale private enterprises along the following lines:


- State reimbursement of interest payments for bank loans granted to realize business projects;

- State property leasing and renting to small-scale private enterprises on competitive basis, with preference given to those developing their own production schemes and services. 

- Setting rent rates for small-scale private enterprises, marketing at least 75% of their own produce or services, not exceeding rent rates for State owned companies.


At present more than 9,400 small-scale private enterprises, about 30,000 private entrepreneurs and over 2,000 private farms function in the Yaroslavl Region.  Taking into account hired personnel, this economic sector provides more than 190,000 jobs.


In order to further develop small-scale private enterprises a complex of measures to remove administrative barriers are being implemented through:


The Coordinating Council for Small-Scale Private Business attached to the Governor's Administration;

Round-table meetings of controlling organizations and entrepreneurs;

The Governor's hot telephone line.

Establishing special business-centers for providing services and education for entrepreneurs.