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Mechanical Engineering

It is the main branch of industry in the region with more than 30% of production volume and half of all labour recourses occupied in this industry. Motorcar diesel propulsion engineering, aviation engineering and production of gas-turbine power units, manufacture of electric motors, shipbuilding and instrument engineering are highly developed in the region. Plants of the Russian holding companies “RusPromAvto”, “Volgotanker” work in the region.


Largest Enterprises in Yaroslavl:


Members of “GAZ” Group and “RusPromAvto” Holding:


·           “Avtodizel” (The Yaroslavl Motor Plant) – production of diesel engines for the leading motorcar factories of Russia and CIS countries.


·          “Fuel-supplying Systems” (The Yaroslavl Fuel Equipment Plant and the Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment Plant) – production of fuel-supplying systems for diesel engines and automobile components.


Members of “Tatneft” Group:


·           “Yarpolimermash-Tatneft” – production of equipment for tyre and industrial rubber industries.


Independent Enterprises:


·           “ELDIN” (“Eldin”, the Yaroslavl Electric Machine Building Plant) – production of electric engines, including engines for Swiss concern ABB.


·          “Kholodmash” – production of compressors for refrigerating equipment.


Largest Enterprises in Rybinsk:


·          Science Production Association “Saturn” (Rybinsk Engines) – development and production of gas-turbine equipment of aviation and industrial application (engines for civil, military planes and pilotless vehicles, ground-based power-plants for the RAO “UES of Russia” and “Gazprom”).


·          Shipbuilding Plant “Vympel” – production of sea and river boats for civil and military purposes.


 “Tutayev Motor Plant” (production of diesel engines, transmissions and spare parts), “Rybinsk Shipbuilding Plant” (sea, river tank ships and dry cargo ships), “Yaroslavl Plant “Krasny Mayak” (vibrators), “Raskat” (road-building machinery), “Rybinsk Instrument Engineering Plant” (communication-electronic equipment), “Clock Plant “Chaika”, “Rybinskkabel” and Rybinskelektrokabel”, “Gavrilov-Yam Engineering Plant “Agat” (hydraulics) and many other production enterprises actively work at the regional market.

Food Industry


It is the most intensively developing industry, producing about 20% of the regional commercial output. In recent years considerable foreign investments come to this economy sector, many enterprises have carried out fundamental modernization of their basic recourses.


Largest Enterprises in Yaroslavl:


·           “Yarpivo” – production of beer and nonalcoholic beverages.


Since the middle of the 1990-ies the concern Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH) is the main shareholder of OJSC “Yarpivo”, in 2006 the concern has decided to unite OJSC “Yarpivo” and brewing company “Baltika”.


·           “Balkan Star” – production of tobacco goods.


At the end of 2004 one of the leading players at the European tobacco market – the French-Spanish concern Altadis has bought 80,75% of shares of CJSC “Balkan Star” for 147 million Euros. The company plans to start production of new international cigarette brands Gauloises Blondes and Fortuna.


·           “Yaroslavl Flour Milling Plant N 1” – production of flour.


Petrochemical and Chemical Industry


It is one of the oldest and leading industries in the Yaroslavl Region. Chemical complex produces about 20% of the regional commercial output – rating third in the total volume of regional output.


Largest Enterprises in Yaroslavl:


·          “Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez” – production of oil products (gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, oils, black oil), is a member of the Oil Gas Company “Slavneft”.


·          “Yaroslavl Technical Carbon” – production of technical carbon. One of the leading Russian exporters in its industry.


·          “Yaroslavl Tyre Plant” – production of tyres for passenger cars and auto trucks, buses and trolleybuses, airplanes and agricultural equipment. It is a member of the “Sibur-Russian Tyres” holding company.


·          “Russkiye Kraski” – production of automobile paint-and-lacquer materials for Russian motorcar plants, motorcar repair and building enamels.


At the beginning of 2006 the company “Russkiye Kraski” and the Concern “DuPont”(USA) on equal terms have established in Yaroslavl the joint enterprise “DuPont Russkiye Kraski” (DuPont Russian Coatings LLC). The enterprise is occupied in production, marketing and sale of paint-and-lacquer coatings for motorcar industry plants in Russia and CIS countries. The goal of the joint enterprise is to deliver conveyer paint-and-lacquer coatings to motorcar plants of the leading world automaker corporations situated in Russia.


In the context of this project the joint enterprise “DuPont Russkiye Kraski” (DuPont Russian Coatings LLC) invested on parity basis 16 million Dollars. Partially this money will be invested in construction in Yaroslavl of a new technological center of quality control and maintenance of conveyer paint-and-lacquer coatings. In case concerns “Toyota” and “Volkswagen” decide to paint their cars on motorcar plants of Russia with water conveyer paint-and-lacquer coatings, the joint enterprise will construct a manufacture of such coatings in Yaroslavl.


Large Enterprises in Towns of the Region:


·          “Company “Slavich” (Pereslavl-Zalesskiy) – production of photographic paper, photographic plates and photographic chemicals, building and packaging materials.

·          “Slavneft-YNPZ named after Mendeleyev” (settlement Konstantinovskiy of Tutayev district) – production of oil products (gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, oils, black oil), a member of the Oil Gas Company “Slavneft”.