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Yaroslavl region - one of the leaders in the Central Russia  - will present at the real estate exhibition  MIPIM - 2007 nine investment projects  for the total sum of 1.2 billion Euros. Presentation of the region will be held under the motto “Yaroslavl Region. The Heartland of Russia – the place for  your history-making  decisions”.

The Governor of the Yaroslavl Region Anatoly Lisitsyn. heads the delegation. Among the delegation members are the first woman-cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the officials of the Yaroslavl Region, the Mayor of the city of Yaroslavl Viktor Volonchunas, the Head of Uglich Municipal District Eleonora Sheremetyeva and top-managers of the companies - initiators of the investment projects.


Today the largest dominating idea in the development of the Yaroslavl Region for the next four years is celebration of the great historical date – the 1000-year anniversary of Yaroslavl in 2010.


Mr. German Gref, the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, heads the Federal Organizational Committee in preparation for celebration of the great Anniversary. In September 2006 the Russian Government approved the plan of basic measures in preparation for the 1000-year celebration of the city of Yaroslavl.


We estimate that up to the year of 2010 the regional economy will receive about 2 billion Euros of private and state investment including about 550 million Euros from budgets of all levels.


Another large-scale project is construction, on the basis of the Yaroslavl International Airport “Tunoshna”, of one of the largest national logistic centers with the total amount of investment 140 million Euros, including investment projects with estimated cost of 39 million Euros for modernization of Tunoshna airport. The modernization is expected to result in increasing the turn-over of goods twice or thrice.


In February 2007 the Minister of transportation Igor Levitin and the Governor of the Yaroslavl Region  Anatoly Lisitsyn signed a Protocol of Intention concerning construction of a large national transport logistic center near the city of Yaroslavl. The projected center will contain storage facilities of “A” class of no less than 200 thousand square meters of total area, customs terminal, with possibilities of organization of combined freight transport by automobiles and railway.


The Yaroslavl Region wants to formalize the existing during recent years status of a cultural and tourist center in the north-east of the European part of Russia. Yaroslavl is a pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia, which also includes Uglich, Rostov and Pereslavl-Zalesskiy – the towns of the Yaroslavl Region. In this context a large-scale program of modern tourist infrastructure development is being carried out with the total amount of investment 300 million Euros.


One of the key objects of tourist infrastructure development is further development of the Center for Skiing and Recreation “Demino”: a high-class ski track, a cottage community, spectator stands, a press-center and a restaurant are already constructed. Due to construction of such object Russia gains the right to held the international competitions. In January 2007 a stage in the World Cup ski competition took place in “Demino”. Nowadays preparation for the World Cup in ski racing itself takes place.


Investment project “Demino” will include construction of a hotel, a biathlon shooting-ground, springboards, sport infrastructure, and two cottage communities. Estimated cost of the investment project is about 60 million Euros.


The Yaroslavl City Government presents at the exhibition in Cannes a concession agreement for construction and operation of a new water treatment station “Vozdvizhenie”on the Volga river. It will satisfy 30% of the city demand of drinking water. The terms of the concession agreement  - 20 years, total amount of investment  - 72.5 million Euros.


Several large projects with the total amount of 700 million Euros are also presented at the MIPIM exhibition such as a  new residential district “Ubilejny” in the city of Yaroslavl with the total area of 100 thousand square meters, construction of a cottage community “Millennium” of 1000 cottages in the Yaroslavl suburbs, the project of construction of an international golf complex with two playing grounds in the Uglich region, restoration of the historic centre of the city of Uglich with the creation of the pedestrian  area “Provincial Boulevard” and others.


Exposition of the Yaroslavl Region at the MIPIM 2007 in Cannes will work in the booth “Russia”, Harbor № 1.


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