Tsarevich Dimitri
Веб-часть перенаправления

Tsarevich Dimitri (1582 — 1591) was a Russian tsarevich, son of Ivan the Terrible and Maria Nagaya. Tsarevich Dimitri died from a stab wound, under mysterious circumstances in Uglich.

After the death of Ivan IV, Dmitry's older brother - Feodor I - ascended to power. However, the actual ruler of the Russian state was Feodor's brother-in-law, a boyar Boris Godunov, who had had a claim on the Russian throne. According to a widespread version, Godunov wanted to get rid of Dmitry, who had been a legal successor to the throne in light of Feodor's childlessness. In 1584, Godunov sent Dmitry, his mother and her brothers into exile to the Tsarevich's appanage city of Uglich. On May 15, 1591, Dmitry died from a stab wound, under mysterious circumstances.


In the calendar of the Russian Orthodox Church, he is venerated as a "Saint Pious Tsarevitch", with feast days of October 19, May 15 and June 3. In the 20th century, the majority of Russian and Soviet historians have given more credit to the conclusions of the first official investigation report under Shuisky, which ruled Dmitry's death to be an accident.