Name of the Project





Brief description of the physical area:

The Zavolzhsky District of the city of Yaroslavl is the most environmentally safe district of the City. There are two forest areas there.

The District is densely populated, but its social infrastructure remains behind the rate of growth of the region as a whole. Included in this social infrastructure shortage is lack of indoor sport centers. The Administration of the Zavolzhsky District has worked out and approved a program of development of sport and fitness centers on the territory of the district. Construction of this center is a key stage of the program realization.

Brief description of the project:

The first floor of the center, with 9,000 square meters area, is planned to include stores selling sporting goods and sport motor equipment, administrative and office space, and sport recreation halls.

The second floor, with 7,600 square meters area, will include sport halls, bowling alley and a cafй with a capacity of 80 places.

The swimming pool, including audience stands, will have of 2,300 square meters area.

The third floor, with 8,400 square meters area, is designed for game sports.

There will be two cinema halls in the center.

In the open area of the ground floor, there will be a parking place for 350 cars, with a total area of 12,350 square meters, for parking passenger cars of visitors of the center, and for paid overnight parking of local inhabitants’ motor vehicles .


Estimated cost of the investment project:  22 million Euros


Volume of investments required: up to 11 million Euros


Time period for the project realization : Completion of the project – first quarter of 2009.


Payback period of the project: 9 years


Initiator of the investment project:

LLC «YarInvestProject»

Address: Russian Federation 150003 Yaroslavl, Surkova St., 14

General Director Nikolay Kanin

Telephone +7 (4852) 30-38-14, 25-57-77, fax +7 (4852) 30-07-07, E-mail: