Name of the Project

CONSTRUCTION OF A cottage community “millennium” COnsisting OF 1125 low-rise apartment houseS, WITH REQUIRED INFRASTRUCTURE


 Brief description of the facility:

Total area  – 300 hectares. Distance to the center of Yaroslavl – 12 kilometers.

Brief description of the project:

The project to be constructed by the year of 2013 will include:

O       Cottage community at a European level, with over 1,125 detached houses and lots

O       Social and engineering infrastructure for the new community

O       Construction of a business park with class “A” business office space, enabling the transfer of a part of administrative business of Yaroslavl to suburbs

O       Water park

O       A great number of green planting areas, planned to beautify the architecture and landscape of the community

The total living area of the community – 350 thousand square meters. The area of commercial purpose buildings – 50 thousand square meters. On the territory of the community, artificial lakes will be created, the largest of which should present a silhouette of a she-bear that is a symbol of Yaroslavl. Water surface area is planned to be about 16 hectares.

Marketing research analysis carried out by real estate experts shows a very high demand for low-rise dwelling houses in the future community both from the citizens of the city of Yaroslavl, as well as of Moscow residents (distance 260 kilometers), and from inhabitants of gold-mining, oil-producing and gas producing regions of Russia, who plan to migrate from those regions in the next 5 years.

The business group “Yaroslav Mudry” has created its own business subdivision of mortgage broker, capable to attract mortgage resources required for sale of all of units planned for construction as part of the new cottage community.


Estimated cost of the investment project:

322 million Euros

 Volume of investment required:

34% of the project cost - 109 million Euros

Time period and stages for realization of the project:

Investment stage - 2 years (2007-2009)

Completion of project construction, taking 6 years (2007-2013)

Payback period of the project:

4 years


Initiator of the investment project

Business Group “Yaroslav Mudry”

Address: Russian Federation 150003 Yaroslavl, Sovetskaya St., 26А

President: Sergey Okhov

General Director: Andrey Granko

Telephone /fax +7 (4852) 30-18-98, E-mail: