Name of the Project



Brief description of the physical site:

Building site – 285 hectares.

Distance from the site to surrounding areas: 100 kilometers to the city of Yaroslavl (administrative center of the Yaroslavl region), 15 kilometers to the city of Myshkin (provincial museum capital of Russia), 20 kilometers to the city of Uglich (Old-Russian city with rich historic and cultural heritage), 7 kilometers to motordrome with a racing track of international class (extreme sports), 40 kilometers to Rybinskoe water reservoir (favorite place for tourists and fishermen), woods, places to pick mushrooms and berries, and hunting areas are in the immediate surroundings.


The Tourist and Recreation Center will be capable of holding and servicing large public events (sport competitions, forums, conferences, festivals and other events) of indefinite duration.

The Center will be available through a variety of traffic arteries, including the highway Moscow – Sergiev-Posad – Uglich – Rybinsk – Cherepovets, regional motorways, a landing area with unloading platform that can accept all kinds of river boats, and a ferry crossing across the Volga river.

The city of Myshkin, which benefits from its geographic location and natural landscape, has great historic, cultural and museum potential. The tourist image of the city of Myshkin is developing and the demand for residences there increases every year. In Myshkin a number of other infrastructure projects are already in the process of realization, including construction hotel and tourist centers, leisure and service centers.


Brief description of the project:

The project includes construction of the following facilities:

   1. Interactive museum center:

  • Museum-village demonstrating the elements of the way of life of the Russian people
  • Restaurants of national cuisine and cuisine of the peoples of Russia
  • Craft village (people's crafts)
  • Entertainment grounds, amusement park, botanic park and fruit garden

   2. Sport and fitness center:

  • Water park, swimming-pool, system of ponds and Russian slides, ro wing canal
  • Stadium and Sports Palace
  • Tennis courts and sports grounds
  • Ski courses and cross country courses
  • Cycling tracks, shooting-grounds, training golf course, horse stable yard

   3. Infrastructure:

  • Hotel center with accommodations for 500 places, medical and preventive treatment and leisure center
  • Cottage community and summer tourist camp
  • Restaurants, cafes, beach area
  • Boat station and rental of yachts, boats, scooters, landing area for reception of tourists’ motor boats and other river boats, the project’s own small river craft
  • Parking place, petrol station, service center, car hire
  • Water and sewage treatment facilities


Estimated cost of the investment project: over 100 million Euros

Volume of investments required: 100% of the project cost

Time period for realization of the project: By 2012

Payback period of the project: 5-7 years        


Initiator of the investment project:

Administration of Myshkin municipal district of the Yaroslavl region

Address: Russian Federation 152830 Yaroslavl Region, Myshkin, Uspenskaya Square, 4

Head: Anatoly Kuritsin, Head of Myshkin Municipal District

Contact person: Petr Volkov, assistant head of municipal district in investment, interregional relations and tourism

Telephone +7 (244) 2-16-45, Fax +7 (244) 2-26-21, E-mail: