Name of the Project

CONSTRUCTION AND Operation OF a water tower system “VOZDVIZHENIE,” WITH THE productivity 100,000 cubic meterS OF drinking water per DAY, IN THE CITY OF YAROSLAVL.



Brief description of the physical site:

The city of Yaroslavl is the administrative center of the Yaroslavl Region, with a population of 603,000 people that was founded in 1010.

Yaroslavl is the fastest developing administrative and business center northeast of Moscow. The City has a dominant influence on the neighboring regions of Kostroma, Ivanovo and partially Vologda.

Yaroslavl is situated in immediate proximity from Moscow on the state arterial motor road М-8 "Kholmogory" (Moscow-Arkhangelsk-Severodvinsk).
Distances from Yaroslavl to key destinations include:

O       Moscow – 280 kilometers (automobile, railway and aviation communication).
O       Saint-Petersburg - 850 kilometers (automobile and railway communication).

In 2010 Yaroslavl will celebrate the 1000th Anniversary of its foundation.

O    In 2003 of the Russian Federation President signed the Decree “On celebration of the 1000th Anniversary of the foundation of Yaroslavl”. In 2004 the membership of the federal steering committee of celebration for the anniversary was confirmed with the Head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, German Gref.

O       In the context of preparation to the 1000th Anniversary of Yaroslavl, private and state investment of two billion Euros is planned, including investment of the government budget at all the levels of about 550 million Euros. The investment will be directed to development of infrastructure, construction of residential dwellings, shopping centers and hotels, as well as for creation of new enterprises, with participation of foreign companies.

O    In 2010 the Cathedral of the Assumption will be built at the place of a previously destroyed church in the historic center of Yaroslavl. The project is being financed by the patron Viktor Tyryshkin, who invests about 20 million Euros into realization of the project. The square of the Cathedral will be about 2,000 square meters and will have a height of about 60 meters.

O       In 2010 Yaroslavl is going to host about 1.5 million tourists.


Brief description of the project:

The City Government of Yaroslavl and an investor will conclude a concession agreement for construction and operation of a water treatment station “Vozdvizhenie” with the required infrastructure.

In accord with the agreement the investor will receive control of the currently unfinished water treatment station “Vozdvizhenie” for purposes of completing of construction and operation during the specified period.

The City Government of Yaroslavl will provide guarantees to the investor for the period of the contract to provide water and operate the water station and in accordance with this agreement the customer for the water produced will be the municipal unitary enterprise “Yaroslavlvodokanal”

The creation of new water supply system facilities in the city of Yaroslavl will allow the City to take out of service old facilities whose useful life has expired and to undertake measures through repairs and modernization of the existing objects that will introduce new technology with lower power requirements and thus significantly reduce the cost of operation of the water supply system of the City. The new water treatment station will satisfy 30% of the city demand of drinking water.


Volume of investments required: 72.5 million Euros.


Time period and stages for realization of the project:                 

Construction for 4 years (2008-2012), operation for 16 years (2012-2028)



Initiator of the investment project: Department of Social and Economic Development of the Yaroslavl City

Address: Russian Federation 150000 Yaroslavl, Deputatskaya St., 4

Contact person: Irina Pautova, Head of Economics Department

Telephone +7 (4852) 30-46-59, Fax +7 (4852) 30-43-87, E-mail: