Parliament of the YR

The State Duma of the Yaroslavl Region is the region's legislative body. The Duma passes regional laws in the course of exercising the authority of the government body of the Yaroslavl Region as a subject of the Russian Federation, unless otherwise specified by law.

The State Duma of the Yaroslavl Region consists of 50 elected deputies, one half of them are elected from single member constituency, others from party tickets.

Several groups of different political associations work in the Regional Parliament. The most numerous group represents the political party “United Russia” (“Edinaya Rossiya”).

The Yaroslavl Region has a stable pro-reform political climate. It has none of the intense conflicts between pro and anti-reform political figures that characterize other regions of Russia. Political establishment is consolidated around the existing leadership at both the regional and local levels.



Contact information:


Chairman of the Regional Duma
5, Sovetskaya square
Yaroslavl 150000
Tel.: +7 (4852) 30–50-83; 30-39-36