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The Bolsheselsky district population as of 01/01/2006 was 10,000.

The district area is 1,333.1 sq. km.

The administrative centre is the Bolshoye selo. It is a geographical centre of the Yaroslavl Region.

The distance from the district center to Yaroslavl is 58 km.


 Bolshoye Selo is an ancient trade settlement. It was first mentioned in 1567. At that time it belonged to the boyar's family of the Mstislavskys like the entire Yukhotskaya volost. After the death of the last representative of that famous family in the 20s of the XVII th century the Yukhotskaya volost became the state property. In 1706, Peter the Great granted it to his associate fellow Fieldmarshal count Boris Petrovitch Sheremetev. That is how the Sheremetevs came into possession and owned the Yukhotskaya land till 1917.


Bolshoye Selo is one of the most picturesque selos of the Yaroslavl Oblast. The most ancient monuments of architecture are the currently working church of Paraskeva the Friday built in 1747 on the right bank of the Yukhot River and the church of Peter and Paul (built in 1760 which oversees the left bank of the Yukhot).


The Yukhot land is the land of many outstanding people. In the village of Nikolaevskoye was born the Russian meteorologist, member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences Mikhail Alexandrovitch Rykachev (1841-1949). In the Nikolaevskoye estate was set up one of the first meteorological stations in the Yaroslavl Province. In Novoye selo was born and lived an outstanding Russian scientist Alexander Ivanovitch Zaozersky (1874-1941) who contributed considerably to the development of Russian historic science.


In 1910, was born Ilya Davidovitch Usyskin in Bolshoye Selo.  Dunilovo settlement is the birthplace of Vladimir Nikolayevitch Druzhinin (1955-2000), Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Rector of the Institute of Psychology, Rubinstein and Russian Federation President Prize Winner.


To the south-west from Bolshoye Selo there is the village of Novoselovo, the birthplace of the most talented peasant self-made poet Ivan Zakharovitch Surikov (1841-1880). It is to this very village he dedicated the warmest, cordial lines: "Here is my village, here is my native home…" Some of his works have become folk songs such as "Tonkaya Ryabina" (slender ash-tree), "Steppe and steppe around".


The pride of the district is selo Nikolskoye on the Moloksha. It is the birthplace of Alexander Mikhailovitch Derzhavin (1871-1963), a poet, clergyman, Master of Theology, who studied hagiography of St. Dmitry Rostovsky. In Nikolomoloksha church the whole dynasty of the Derzhavins clergymen served faithfully.

The village of Berezino is the birthplace of a talented serf actress and singer of the XVIII th century, later countess P.I. Zhemchugova-Sheremeteva (1768-1803). In the village survived a century old linden tree, a witness of the "Berezino Gem's" birth.

This locality is also famous for the fact that in three kilometre distance from the village of Berezino there is Tikhonov stone, a place of acquisition of a sacred icon of Tikhon Amafuntsky with the images of apostles of Arkhip, Staky, Onisim, Faddey, Michael Archangel and Reverend Nikolai Pechorsky.

According to the legend the water deep-inside of the stone is believed to possess a wonder-making force. Having washed oneself with this water a blind person becomes able to see. In 2003, behind the village of Dubrovo people discovered a footstep stone called "God's footstep".


Socio-economic background


The Bolsheselsky municipal district has initially been an agricultural one. Agriculture is a life-supporting sphere of rural territories.

A reconstruction and modernization plan of cattle breeding infrastructure, farms technological equipment has been worked out for 2006. Work on farm reconstruction and modernization will be performed at the expense of credits, leasing and households' internal funds within expenditure of the Oblast's budget.

The main focus of primary importance of the district administration is directed at strengthening and normalizing  financial  status of agricultural enterprises.

To attract investments and increase the volume of providing people with  consumer services the programme on consumer services was developed and sent into the Oblast. Development of investment projects in the Bolsheselsky municipal district has begun:

-  developing of children's playgrounds and infrastructure;

-  construction of the handicraft trade centre;

-  construction of the market-place complex;

-  construction of the parking place and roadside services.

A humanitarian programme "Kids' Planet. Russia" that is directed at development and improvement of the growing generation social status has been working for 2 years in the Bolsheselsky municipal district. Social, economical, educational sections are included into the programme.

The programme of gas supplying is being carried out.


Investment potential


District's agriculture is one of the major lines of attracting investors. "The official partners of the Bolsheselsky municipal district administration" project realization has started  giving opportunities for attracting funds into socio-economic development of the district.

There is expansion of production in the Bolsheselsky municipal district, with all necessary conditions present: labour and land resources available, as well as natural resources (peat, sand and gravel mix).

Projects appealing for investment are designed in peatery and peat-briquetting, excavation and development of sand-gravel mix pits.

There are appealing projects for construction of damless hydroelectric power station and gas power station.

Preferential terms are applied for placement of agri-food produce processing enterprises.

"The Museum of Churches" project on expanding tourism appeal of the district is developed. This project incurs socio-economic development of rural infrastructure within the frames of the national project.




Majestic is Yukhotsky region's nature. The forests are rich in berries and mushrooms, its moors are full of cranberries. Hunting forests and lands and fishing places attract both the inhabitants of Bolshoye Selo and visitors from the district.

Pine forests on the bank of the Moloksha River are the favourite places for entertainment of the young people in winter as well as in summer. Ivanovsky tract, a birch tree forest mixed with conifer and pine trees, is also a place used for recreation. Not far from Vysokovo village there is a deciduous alley with the trees whose age is over one hundred years. The people of Bolshoye Selo take pride in monuments of nature as Dunilovskoye Lake and bog, the Apparition of the God bog. Picturesque nature, rare species of flora and fauna create an unforgettable image of the Yukhotsky land.

The birthplace of P.I. Kovaleva-Zhemchugova, Berezino village, is located in Bolsheselsky municipal district of the Yaroslavl Oblast. The people of Bolshoye Selo pay tribute to this outstanding woman who came from the same place. It is in her honour are celebrated holidays of the Oblast significance called "Berezino Gem" and "Classical Art in a Province."

The cultural-historical center conducts research and studies of the life and creative work in commemoration of P.I.Kovaleva-Zhemchugova-Sheremeteva, an outstanding actress and singer of the XVIIIth century.

Here take place meetings with the representatives of "The Sheremetev-Centre" from Yaroslavl, Moscow "Ostankino" estate museum, are given chamber concerts, and are organized exhibitions. From times immemorial the remarkable works of talented artists and masters such as Y. Gurov, I. Ivin, L, Fyodorov, T. Morozov, A. Novikov give joy to people up to now.

Bolshoye Selo is interesting not only because of its history, architecture but also of its talented people and artisans, as well as its festivals and tourist programmes: "Classical Music in a Province", "The Berezino Gem", "Whit-Sunday Outdoor Fete", "Ivan's Day", "Three Saviours in the Rus", "Visiting Auntie Arina", "Teaching Young Girls a lesson", "Uzh vi seni, moi seni", "Russian Pirog's Holiday", "Kuzminky or young people's gatherings", "Christmas Skits", "Welcome, Shrovetide".

Churches and architectural monuments of the ancient Yukhotsky land, monuments of nature are a kind and significant link in preserving Russian traditions, customs and habits.




Administration of the Bolsheselsky municipal district


152360, Yaroslavl Region, pos. Bolshoye selo, Sovetskaya Sq., 9

phone +7 (48542) 2-14-07,

fax +7 (48542) 2-12-44

The Head of administration of municipal district

Vladimir Alekseevich Lubenin