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The Breitovo district population as of 01/01/2006 was 8,500.

The district area is 2,154.6 sq. km.

The administrative centre is selo Breitovo.

The distance from the district center to Yaroslavl is 222 km.

The Breitovo municipal district lies on the coast of the Rybinsk Reservior, bordering the Tver and Vologda Regions.




Breitovo and Cherkasovo villages were for the first time mentioned in the chronicles in 1613. The district history traces its roots into the beginning of time. The Breitovo land remembers both the sword peal during the Sit Battle with the Tatars and the sound of weaving-mill looms delivering textiles to the Tzar's court.

The Breitovo land is connected with the names of such people as Grand Prince of Vladimir, Yuri Vsevolodovitch, the Emperor Pavel I, poet M.Y. Lermontov. Hereditary noblemen the Musin-Puskins were trustees and patrons of schools and libraries in this district.

Flooding is remembered as the most adverse time in the history of the Breitovo land. 58% of the district territory, fields, oak woods, hayfields and pastures, as well as a number of architectural constructions including the "gem" of  architecture, the former count's estate in selo Borisogleb were covered with waters of the Ryibinsk Reservoir.


Socio-economic background


The Breitovo municipal district is a forest zone. Forests constitute 47% of  the district's territory. There are significant reserves of bank sand, gravel, peat, clay. Favourable ecological situation marks the district out as one of the best in the Oblast.

The Breitovo moorage allows to carry out passenger and freight transportation by water. Also there is an asphalt (tarmac) road connecting the district centre with the Shestihino railroad station, the Oblast's centre, as well as a bridge across the Sit river that improved the geopolitical situation of the district. A 4.7 km long Liskino-Skorkino road linked the district to the Tver Oblast in 2003.

Mobile communications are developing in the Breitovo district. MTS, "BeeLine", "Megaphone", "Smarts"Yaroslavl-GSM" mobile communication towers were put into operation.

Volume of shipped agricultural goods domestically produced by large and middle-scale organizations of all kinds of economic activity for the 2005 amounts to 5.9 million roubles, that is 0.2% of the Oblast's volume of agricultural goods. The Breitovo poultry factory "Russian Age" CJSC achieved good results in their work.


Investment potential


A lot of measures are taken to attract investors attention to tourism development. Construction, reconstruction and expanding of tourist bases, hotels, public catering establishments and retail enterprises are executed.




The beautiful nature attracts visitors in any season. People come to the Breitovo district to enjoy picturesque virgin birchwoods and pine forests, collect berries and mushrooms, go fishing.

The local museum of history and economy has carefully preserved more than 1,000 artefacts of historical documents, photographs, pieces of everyday life, handicraft and  trades.

The Breitovo municipal district is particularly famous for its carpenters and wood-carvers. From the earliest times Sitskar woodworkers have been fond of decorating their houses with carved porches, platbands, wooden laces and other works. Anyone visiting Breitovo feels fascinated with their beauty.

Nine churches add to the beauty of the Breitovo land. They were built in the XVII-XIX centuries. The Church of Dmitry Solunsky in Sutka selo and the Michael Archangel Church in Prozorovo selo are functioning ones.

There are abundant wildlife reserves in the district: i.e. the Darwin Reserve, pine forests, birchwoods, berrying grounds, springs. The nature spring called "The Forgiven" alone counts for something. Its water is considered to be sacred and able to heel peoples' diseases.

The Breitovo district is rich in water sources. Forty km along the coastline of the Ryibinsk man-made lake are  occupied by the most beautiful villages, such as Bor, Dorky, Dubets, Gorelovo, Meduhovo, Dmitrehovo, Breitovo, Prozorovo.

The Sit, a beautiful and pure historical river, makes a many-kilometre loop of more than 100 km among the forests, fields and hills. Numerous tourists coming to Breitovo are attracted by fishing, small-game hunting facilities, bathing, abundance of berries and mushrooms, the beauty of virgin nature. Winter fishing lovers are greatly interested in ice-fishing on the surface of the Ryibinsk man-made lake, the Sit, Sebla, Chesnava and Kudasha rivers.

Numerous private recreational bases offer necessary transport, night's lodging, board,  baths, rental and auto repair services to extreme and active rest lovers.

A festival commemorating a professional holiday, the Fisherman's Day, has been held for several recent years in Breitovo. A summer fisherman's holiday is also of interest for the natives as well as to the visitors. The main activities take place at the mouth of two historical rivers, the Sit and Latyigora, and on the bank of the Ryibinsk Reservoir. From here start personal and team fishing competitions using fishing rods and spoon-baits. Nine crews were competing in 2005 festival, with motorboats provided by the holiday organizers. Each crew had a safety instructor, who also was in the jury for the main fisherman's competition called " Let the fish be caught." The main scene became the place where the following activities were held:

- the dramatized show (performance)

- celebration in honour of professional fishermen

- amateur and professional concerts and shows

- evaluation and summation of the results for the number of competitions, such as "Let the fish be caught", "Fisherman's happiness", " Fisherman's tale", "The Breitovo souvenir."

There is a fisherman's bivouac working during the festival where anyone can try "The Breitovo fish-soup". Parents with children can have a motor-boat ride, (there are two available). Also there are other entertainments both at the water and at the bank.

Commercial tents are at anyone's disposal from day to night on the festival's territory. The festival comes to an end with the concert, fireworks and a night discotheque.



Administration of the Breitovo municipal district


152760, Yaroslavl Region, selo Breitovo, Sovetskaya Sq., 2

phone +7 (48545) 2-14-82,

fax +7 (48545) 2-10-52

The Head of administration of municipal district

Sergey Ivanovich Karabitskiy