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The Danilov district population as of 01/01/2006 was 27,900.

The district area is 2,211.6 sq. km.

The administrative centre is the city of Danilov.

The distance from the district center to Yaroslavl is 69 km.




The Sloboda, named Danilovskaya, is believed to be founded by the Prince of Moscow, Daniil, about 1300, although it was first mentioned in the chronicles before 1592. The events of the Time of Troubles (the glorious battle of the people of Danilov with the Polish invaders in 1607, and a revengeful committing it to flames and the extermination of its inhabitants by the Polish in 1608) left a characteristic impact on the Danilovskaya Sloboda.

The 18th century is associated with the spread of freedom, appearance of the tzar's stud farm, development of trade and local handicraft.

On  August, 3, 1977, Catherine II issued an Act to rename it as the town of Danilov. Thus, the Danilov Uyezd, i.e. a district, was set up as a part of the Yaroslavl region ruled by governor-general with the Uyezd population amounting to 64,157 and the number of settlements of 967.

The town of Danilov was given the coat-of-arms with a shield divided obliquely into two halves, the silver half decorated with the bear holding a pole-axe. It symbolizes that it is a part of the Yaroslavl region ruled by governor-general. The chess-board is a fond memory of the gift presented to the Emperor, Peter I, by the craftsmen of Danilov on his way from Moscow to Vologda and Archangelsk. The green colour of the chess board is a symbol of wonderful pastures around the town. At the beginning of the 19th century the town of Danilov was made mainly of wooden houses. There were only 4 houses made of stone.

The passenger transportation by railway from Yaroslavl to Vologda via Danilov was opened in 1872. Danilov was known as a flax-producing town. The Danilov flax-producing plant went into operation in 1933. There were 20 creameries and cheese-making plants on its territory.

The largest industrial plant is considered a wood processing machine plant which attracted labour power from all over the region. Based on the motor repair plant evacuated to Danilov in 1941, it monopolized the town infrastructure. The main production of the plant are small-sized power-saw benches which were in great demand by collective farms and other enterprises which specialized in other produce than timber processing.

The 19th of August was set up as the Day of the city of Danilov, a holiday marked annually by the people of the town.



Socio-economic background

 Danilov is a large railway junction. The country's major Federal highway is "Moscow - Archangelsk" ("Holmogory") linking it with Moscow, St.Petersburg, Archangelsk, Kostroma. The railway main line of state importance of north-east route (Vologda, Archangelsk, Vorkuta, Perm, Nizhniy Tagil, Vladivostok, Ulan-Bator, Peking) runs throughout the town.

Transportation network on the territory of the Danilov District extends over 75 km including 7 railway stations.

On the territory of the municipal district have been laid 62.5 km of gas and oil mains.

Also on the territory of the Danilov municipal district have been discovered commercial crude oil reserves. One of the primary natural resources of the district is forest.

The total reserves of ripe wood amount to 16.8 million cubic metres of which  0.5 million cu. m. is soft wood.

Forests occupy 53.4% of the Danilov municipal district. 70% of the surface are covered by deciduous forests.

There are rich reserves of clay, sand and peat.



Among industrial enterprises of the district one should mention the following: "The Danilov Wood-working Machinery Plant" OJSC, "The Danilov Butter and Cheese Plant " OJSC, "The Danilov Khlebozavod (Bakery)" OJSC, "The Danilov Flax Plant" state unitary enterprise, and "Seredsky Flax  Plant" OJSC.

In 2005, the volume of shipped goods produced by local enterprises, services and executed works totaled 264.2 million roubles.

The main kinds of goods produced by the district enterprises comprise the following: wood-working equipment, log frames, logways, band saw machines, crushing machines, moulding machines as well as the production of bakery products, dairy products processing and flax yarn production.

In the shipping of industrial products by all branches of manufacturing the largest share falls on "The Danilov Butter and cheese Plant" OJSC whose share amounts to 48.6%. "The Danilov Woodworking Machine Plant" OJSC with its share of 29.7% occupies the second place in the product output, while "The Danilov Khlebozavod" with the output share of 18.9% is the third one, with the "Seredsky Flax Plant" OJSC responsible for 1.8% and "The Danilov Flax plant "municipal unitary enterprise - 1.1 %.



Agriculture in the Danilov municipal district incorporates 21 agricultural enterprises, "The Danilov Poultry Factory" OJSC and 161 farms. The district agricultural enterprises are engaged in dairy, meat and flax production. Cattle breeding is of primary importance. They have produced agri-food products amounting to 229.9 million roubles.

In 2005, the production of milk, the basic agricultural product, totalled 12,614 tons, as to cattle and poultry farming, it amounted to 804.6 tons.

Egg production amounted to 44,963 thousand eggs. Grain crop production totalled 10.3 centners per hectare of the removed area.



The transportation system is made up of road and railroad vehicles. Railroad transport system incorporates 11 structural subdivisions of the Yaroslavl Branch of the Northern Railroad. The Danilov Locomotive Depot was set up in 1996, it is responsible for the maintenance of the electric train rolling-stock.


Investment potential


The economic structure of the Danilov municipal district provides positive trends in the development of investigation climate. It possesses enough resources of enterprises not in use, facilities, material and labour resources.

It is possible to use municipal property, land, natural resources available, development of tourism and its profits may be of value. The district has two flax plants, it is a source for flax growing, technological equipment, apart from this, there are consumers of flax produce in the Oblast.

There is a considerably developed network of small businesses occupied not only with retail trade, public catering, but also manufacturing fodder for poultry farms, storing  and removal as well as initial wood-processing, experienced construction organizations working by contract.

There are potentialities of granting taxes on favourable terms to the participants of the investment activities, providing privileged rent rates of interest for employing municipal property; participation of the district authorities in elaboration  and implementation of investment projects and programmes along with sending in an application with a request on granting a support of investment projects and programmes of first priority.




Founded in 2004 the "Pilgrim" tourist centre has worked out a one-day interactive tour around the town of Danilov called "The town of Prince Daniil meets its visitors". This tour is to operate during the summer - autumn tourist period.

There is a museum of local lore in the historic section of the town in the former Sobornaya Square. The museum was opened in 1967. In the exhibition halls of the museum one can see the antique exhibits, items of local crafts, old sound reproducing devices which are still in operation and which are possible to listen to, historical materials about the socio-political life of the town and many other items. The museum is visited not only by the people from local districts but also by the visitors of Germany, France, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Thailand, Italy, etc..

In the House of Arts and Crafts there is a picture gallery, a salon of skilled craftsmen and potters workshop.

The museum organizes quite regularly personal and movable exhibitions and conducts exchange exhibitions with other picture galleries.

A salon of skilled craftsmen is an exhibition and sale of works produced by the craftsmen of the town and villages. Here are shown works for every taste: items of everyday life, jewellery, pictures, toys, embroideries, lace, needlework, weaving and many other items. The exhibition is being enlarged regularly with new exhibits. Every year the best craftsmen from all over the Danilov district come to the town's fair for the Town Day where they demonstrate their pieces of art, participate in the master classes, show how they work and share their experience with those who are enthusiastic about the work produced by the craftsmen.



Administration of the Danilov municipal district


152070, Yaroslavl Region, Danilov, Sobornaya Sq., 14-a

phone +7 (48538) 5-11-45,

fax +7 (48538) 5-10-68

The Head of administration of municipal district

Alexandr Vladimirovich Smirnov