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The Gavrilov-Yam district population as of 01/01/2006 was 28,100, including rural population of 9,500 people.

The district area is 1,120.0 sq. km.

The administrative centre is Gavrilov-Yam.

The distance from the district center to Yaroslavl is 46 km.




In historical documents the village of Gavrilovo was first mentioned in 1545. The village belonged to Trinity-Sergiev monastery, the largest feudal of medieval Rus. Thirty five years later, in 1580, it was in an historical document with the edict on behalf of the tzar Ivan the Terrible that the village of Gavrilovo was renamed Gavrilov-Yam.

Some years later Gavrilov-Yam was called Gavrilov-Yam Sloboda.

The XVIII century came into history as a "stone" construction one. The constructions of particular large-scale took place in Velikoye, churches were built in Vysheslavskoye (1724), Smalevo (1754), Yutzkoy (1775), Ostrov (1782), Osenyev (1787), Stepanchikov (1789), Unimer (1789), Nikitsky (1789), Nikolo-Penye (1792), Gavrilov-Yam (1792), Stoginsky (1794), Stavotin (1796), Lakhost (1796), Ilyinskoye-Urusovo (1798).

On August, 5, 1922 the President of the Yaroslavl Gubispolkom made a decision to confer the same status of the urban type settlements to the settlements of Velikoye, Gavrilov-Yamsky Posad, the settlement of Gagarin.

By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR from December, 26, 1938 the workers' settlement Gavrilov-Yam was transformed into a town of Gavrilov-Yam.


Socio-economic background


Production sector of economy

One of the city-forming enterprises is the "Gavrilov-Yam Flax mill integrated works" OJSC. Its history dates back to the middle of the XIXth century. At present it is an example of all stages of the technological procedure of flax-processing - from flax hackling production to the output of finished production (linen and mixed fabrics, patterned table cloths, table-napkins, towels, etc.) It is the only group of enterprises manufacturing canvas.

According to the investment programme the output of fabrics including pure linen, materials for household linen and underwear, costume and clothes fabrics, jacquard piece goods and bed clothes should be envisaged to 30 million sq m.

Another city-forming enterprise, the Gavrilov-Yam machine-building plant "Agat" is an establishment of defence importance. It is created on the bases of the branch enterprise of Moscow mechanical plant "The Banner of Revolution". The plant produces modern aggregates for military aircraft engines, manufactures and fixes fuel-regulating equipment for aviation materiel, hydrounits for mobile load-lifting equipment, road-building, communal vehicles and manipulators, parts for automobiles. The range of consumer goods comprises walking perambulators, baggage carts, stalls, folding tables and chairs, shelves, chaise longues, folding beds.

These enterprises' output amounts to 75% of the district production.

Along with them such enterprises as the "Gavrilov-Yam Khlebozavod", "The Gavrilov-Yam Printing House" state unitary enterprise, "Gavrilov-Yam "Agropromtehsnab" CJSC, "Varnishing Paints Materials" CJSC operate successfully.

The volume of shipped manufactured goods domestically produced by large and middle-scale enterprises for 2005 amounted to 999.6 million roubles.



The area of land under crop constitutes 63% of the total district area. The major agricultural enterprises of the municipal district are former kolkhozes and sovhozes. Agriculture is traditionally focused on producing meat and dairy products. Plant-growing generally is oriented at meeting demands of district cattle breeding. The cattle breeding features such lines as dairy and meat production; plant growing - grain, potato, long-fibred flax cultivating.



The network of highways is well-developed in the district: the total stretch of roads amounts to 298.6 km, including the stretch of Federal roads - 18 km of "Moscow- Holmogory" and 47 km of "Ivanovo- Yaroslavl".

Gavrilov-Yam is connected with the central trunk-railway of the northern branch of railway system by a narrow-gauge railway (Semibratovo-Gavrilov-Yam).   

There are main oil (69 km) and gas (282 km) pipe-lines running through the district's territory.


Natural Resources

There are deposits of sand and gravel mixes, clay, peat, lime, tuff on the district's territory. The fauna is presented by a variety of different species of birds and animals including commercial ones.


Finance infrastructure

There are affiliations of the Northern Bank of the Savings Bank of Russia, Rosselhozbank, Natsprombank and insurance companies such as "Yaroslavia", "Arsenal" and ROSNO.


Investment potential


Investments are needed for development of existing manufacturing, creating new manufactures, infrastructure and tourism development using the district's advantages.


District's advantages:

- favourable climate conditions;

- beneficial transportation and geographical position;

- proximity to large cities of the central district of Russia;

- Federal roads, such as "Ivanovo-Yaroslavl", "Moscow-Holmogory", the Volga river, availability;

- a ramified network of hard-coated highways and roads;

- availability of resources of the Federal's and Oblast's significance on the district's territory;

- a vested interest of other regions' enterprises in the production manufactured on the district's territory;

- high tourism potentialities such as historical monuments, museums, landscapes, natural resources (mushrooms, berries);

- a large number of unused land resources;

- developed manufacturing;

- developed small business entrepreneurship in consumer services;

- labour force availability;

- personal interest of the district's administration in stabilizing already existing and developing new industries;

- affordable rent for using municipal property;

- bank affiliations handy;

- individual housing construction development;

- developed privately-owned and public road transportation;

- availability of branches of higher and specialized secondary education institutions (vocational school, agricultural school, RGATA affiliation);

- presence of cultural and sporting infrastructures;

- sufficient network of educational institutions.




The Gavrilov-Yam municipal district has been included into the programme of tourist routes since the end of 2001. The new touring routes called "Gavrilov-Yam - Velikoye Selo" has been made a part of the Golden Ring of Russia and enjoys a great popularity. Visiting tourism comprises 1,600 visitors a year.

A few km away from a busy Moscow - Archangelsk highway lies an old Russian settlement, Velikoye Selo. Its main attraction is an architectural ensemble which decorates the central square consisting of two churches, the church of Our Lady's Christmas and the church of the Protection of the Virgin, both of which date back to the beginning of the 18th century, Between the churches there us a belfry.

In the interior of the Church of Christmas survived the frescoes of the 18th century. In the area of the church complex and the Black Pond there are 5 central posads, 4 mil-pond posads and 3 slobodas. Three of them make up of unique ensemble of the civil stone architecture of the XVIII-XIX th cc.. But the gem, decorating this part of the selo, is the manor house of merchant Lokalov. The main building of it was erected in Pseudo-Russian style, it is decorated with every sort and kind of turrets, weathercocks, and surrounded with a fabulous iron-forged enclosure. Still preserved are interior decorations of astounding beauty and elegance. It is here that a museum of peasants mode of life is located with its unique collection of antique articles. But the pride of the museum is rightly considered a collection of linen towels which according to Russian rites accompanied a human being all his or her life from birth to death.

The ancient history of Velikoye Selo (the first written records which mention it date back to 1433) is inseparable from its inhabitants two chief kinds of activities: flax growing and linen cloth manufacturing. Inhabitants of neighbouring villages had been engaged in them long since, the more so because Velikoye had been the main trade and craft centre.

One can visit the flax set of enterprises, a leading enterprise of Russian textile industry the manufactured goods of which are in great demand not only in our country, but as well as abroad.

Visiting the textile integrated works is not only an opportunity to get an idea of up-to-date weaving production, but purchasing artistic items of weaving craft made by Gavrilov-Yam weavers in the "Russian Flax" trade mark store.

Tourists also enjoy the Russian Troikas sledge riding along the picturesque environs.

The tourist complex "Shekotovo" is located in an old manor house 25 km from ancient Yaroslavl. Services for tourists include horse-riding under the instructors supervision, real Russian baths, pure forest air, snowmobile riding - in winter. Besides, there is a chance of touring along hunting grounds, watching wild animals and their places of habitat, skiing, excursion trips.

Their services are offered by "The Forest Spring" recreational centre and "The Pine Forest" health centre.



Administration of the Gavrilov-Yam municipal district


152240, Yaroslavl Region, Gavrilov-Yam, Sovetskaya St., 51

phone +7 (48534) 2-30-51,

fax +7 (48534) 2-37-46

The Head of administration of municipal district

Nickolai Ivanovich Biruk