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The Lyubim district population as of 01/01/2006 was 13,200.

The district area is 1,966.6 sq. km.

The administrative centre is Lyubim.

The distance from the district center to Yaroslavl is 123 km.




Lyubim is the major city and administrative centre of Lyubim district located at the confluence of the Ucha and Obnora rivers 123 km north-east of Yaroslavl. It was for the first time mentioned in the chronicles in 1546, as the city in 1777.

A precise copy of Ivan's the Terrible Gramota dated by 1546 is exposed in the Museum of Regional Studies showing that Lyubim was founded on request of the locals to protect them against the Tatar attacks.


Socio-economic background


Yaroslavl - Buy highway runs through the district territory. The railroad station "Lyubim" is on the stage between Danilov and Buy (both belonging to the Northern railroads).

There are 6 industrial enterprises: forestry and woodworking industries, machinery building and metal working, as well as light, food and printing industries. There are also road engineering and construction enterprises.

The Region's leading woodworking industrial enterprise, "Lyubim Integrated Logging-Lumbering" OJSC, has partners among the largest wood-processing enterprises in Russia and abroad. It mainly specializes in round and saw timber manufacturing.

"Lyubimkhleb" OJSC specializes in bread, pasta and pastry manufacturing. Its products are known in Vologda, Kostroma oblasts and Yaroslavl. The enterprise is among other 7 Russian bakeries that are recipients of "The Golden Karavai" award. The manufacturing facilities are comparable to the best European ones.

"Lyubim Cheese and Butter Dairy" OJSC manufactures high quality milk, cheese and butter.

Besides, there is a sausage factory, construction enterprises, i.e. "Avtodor" state unitary enterprise,  an automobile operating company, and other infrastructures.

Agriculture is represented by 19 agricultural enterprises, mainly specializing in dairy cattle-breeding.

Natural Resources: sand, clay, sand-and-gravel deposits.

Investment potential

There is some nonoperating manufacturing property with various degrees of wear in Lyubim, electrical equipment and water supplies having already been installed. It is possible to lay gas pipe-line for technological needs or heating.

Remoteness of Lyubim district from major industrial centres makes for the ecologically clean natural resources.

One of possible lines of district development is growing ecologically clean vegetables for distributing in supermarkets of Moscow and Moscow Region. Presently implementation of recommendations on vegetable cultivars and their further processing is ordered to the scientific research Institute of vegetable-growing.

Abundant supplies of local nature resources make it (practical) expedient to set up special places where berries, mushrooms can be collected in return for the money from the neighbouring people for further processing.

Hunting and tourism

To develop recreational hunting and tourism, lodges or other type of travel accommodation should be built. A place for construction has been chosen in pos. Sokoliny, 6 km from Lyubim, with implemented electrical equipment. The expected construction cost is from 400,000 roubles depending on dimensions and comfort conditions.

Manufacturing - brick factory construction

According to the "Cadastre" research and production enterprise territory research data, the clay deposits amount to 1,418.000 cu. m. As calculated for a brick factory with the capacity of 15 mln. bricks per year, this will be sufficient for 45 years. The distance to the clay open pit is about 10 km. A test batch of brick made at "Pahma" brick factory has been of excellent quality.

Wood processing - setting up production of veneer wood or laminboard

Raw material base includes the following kinds of wood: birch (40%), aspen (30%), conifer (15-20%).

Logging and lumbering is carried out by the "Lyubim integrated logging-lumbering" OJSC, the best Region's enterprise, on the yearly basis. Besides, lumbering is fulfilled by private contractors and a number of other enterprises in addition to their main occupation.

The calculated wood-cutting area for the year is 320,000 cu. m. The production is in demand by furniture factories of Yaroslavl and neighbouring regions.


Investment potential


Municipal property

The base of the mechanized transport column 6 has an area of about 1 hectares, 5 permanent structures + a wooden tent. The main manufacturing facilities (premises) amount to 1,800 sq m (without accommodation space), the height is 5,5 m, there is a garage, a boiler room  and a workshop, storehouse, a watch-box. The electrical equipment and water supplies have already been installed. It is located within Lyubim's boundaries, 50 m from a road, 500 m from a railroad. There is a gas pipe-line of 100 m.

Property of enterprises and organizations

There are storehouses belonging to a Lyubim municipal consumers cooperative society's warehouse. They amount to 2,028 sq m (a storehouse itself) and 130 sq m (the office building) subsequently. The electrical equipment and water supplies have already been installed. It is located within Lyubim's boundaries, 10m from a road, 10m far from a railroad with access roads handy.

New production complexes can be built within the city boundaries including communications, (such as water, electricity, gas) installation. There are lots from 10 hectares available.

Besides, there are unused farmhouses of different degree of wear located within the district territory. It is possible to create a modern cattle-breeding farm with a dairy and meat-processing plant on the basis of the existing kolkhoz. The production could be further processed at the cheese and butter dairy, as well as the sausage factory, the Lyubim operating enterprises. As to the plant cultivation, the best choice is to grow ecologically clean produce for distribution in large cities of Central and Northern regions of Russia. 




The picturesque landscapes, forests and rivers offer a nice opportunity to develop recreational tourism, hunting and fishing. Both Russian and foreign hunters visit the county these days, although appropriate infrastructure should be created to attract more tourists. The only city hotel does not meet modern requirements for comfort conditions.

The hunting grounds amount to 157.5 hectares, excluding 2 nature reserves.

The following game were allowed to be hunted for, (the figures show the number of hunting licenses used in 2003), elk(80), bear (8), wild boar (37), beaver, raccoon, otter, hare, fox, lynx, badger, wood grouse, duck, heath cock, woodcock and other species, with practically unlimited number of licenses for small game.

Fishing is done for pike, pike-perch, bream, chub, eelpout, cat-fish, roach, asp, perch, tench and others.

Built in the middle ages, the Epiphany Cathedral has become a spiritual and historical symbol of Lyubim. Another architectural wonder is the Trinity Church complex, comprising three churches, including the bell tower. With the Trinity Church embodying Kostroma traditions, the Tikhvin and Kazan Churches reflect rich traditions of Russian architecture.

The monastery named after the Christmas and Mother of God was located 7 verst far from Lyubim in Rozhdestvenskaya Slobodka (former selo Noskovo).

Selo Voskresenskoye is one of the most ancient settlements on Lyubim's land. The Voskresensky Monastery had already existed by XIV century. Sylvester, later known as Sylvester Obnorsky, was Father Superior there. There are a lot of legends about his healing abilities. The place is particularly famous for its wonderful wells, one of them survived and is equipped by local people. It is thought to be still curing people with its water. It was built and consecrated by Sylvester Obnorsky on the left bank of the Obnora river.

There is a peoples' Museum of the Local Studies in Lyubim. Apart from the copy of the Ivan's the Terrible Gramota concerning the foundation date of Lyubim, there are also ancient utensils and pieces of clothes, as well as stuffed wildlife species inhabiting the district.



Administration of the Lyubim municipal district


152470, Yaroslavl Region, Lyubim, Trefoleva St., 10

phone +7 (48543) 2-13-44,

fax +7 (48543) 2-23-58

The Head of administration of municipal district

Alexandr Viktorovich Koshkin