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The Nekrasovsky district population as of 01/01/2006 was 23,400.

The district area is 1,363.7 sq. km.

The administrative centre is the Nekrasovskoye industrial community with the population of 6,500 people. It is located on the right bank of the Volga river at the mouth of the Solonitsy river.

The distance from the district center to Yaroslavl is 44 km.

There are 15 rural administrations on the district territory, including 3 industrial communities: Nekrasovskoye, Krasny Profintern, Burmakino.




The symbol of the Nekrasovsky municipal district is a bear with a pole-axe (which means belonging to the Yaroslavl Oblast), a river (which shows location by the sides of the Volga and its attribute, the Solonitsy), a salt well (symbolizing salt extraction in the past).

Velikaya Sol (meaning Great Salt), now poselok Nekrasovskoye, was first mentioned in 1214.

 Velikaya Sol was an Old Russian town in those days. There were not many towns called "Veliky=Great",  namely they were: Veliky Novgorod, Rostov the Great, Velikiy Ustyug, Velikaya Sol.

The old name implies that the inhabitants extracted salt there in the earliest times. Salt extracting was a very laborious and complex work. Salt-well boring took several years. The saline solution was then evaporated, thus extracting salt.

In  the end of the XVIth century selo Bolshiye Soli (former "Velikiye=Great" was a large salt-making centre. There were 20 salterns, including one for the Tzar.

In the middle of the XVIIth century salt extraction decreased and stopped by the end of the century.

From the earliest times those places were well-known for their mineral springs. Healing power of the springs turned the district into a health-resort famous far beyond the Yaroslavl Oblast. Recreational centres and clinics have been established there on the basis of mineral springs.

November, 12, 1915 is considered the Birthday of the "Velikiye Soli" health resort.

Nowadays it is a large locomotorium medical rehabilitation centre. Different departments are functioning in the centre: orthopaedic with an operational unit where operations on replacement of diseased hip and knee- joints for artificial ones are made; traumatologic, therapeutic, neurologic, physiotherapy, children's department specializing in gastrointestinal disturbances (one of a few in Russia of the sort).

"Maliye  Soli" recreational centre located on the river-bank of the Solonitsy is one of well-known on and outside of the Yaroslavl Land. The main healing factor is the water of the local mineral spring. Diseases of locomotor apparatus and peripheral nervous system  are cured most efficiently by the water.


Socio-economic background


Economically, the district has a beneficial location at the intersection of water, road and air transportation networks (the Volga river, Yaroslavl-Kostroma Federal highway, the "Tunoshna" airport).

The stretch of hard-coated highways is 311.4 km.

The Nekrasovsky municipal district is an agricultural one. There are 20 agricultural enterprises  and 115 farms. Agri-food production specializes in dairy cattle breeding, pig and chicken farming, grain and potato growing.

The volume of  shipped goods domestically produced by agricultural enterprises amounted to 163.3 million roubles, with the district being ranked 5th in the Oblast and positioned in the leading group.

There are 1077 people engaged in agriculture as of 01/01/2006.

Total area of land is 136,400 hectares, with the area under crop amounting to 63,900 hectares.

Owing to the absence of mineral products the essence of production sector of economy is manufacturing activity. These include the following manufacturers: metal-working, such as Nekrasovsky machinery plant, "Burmakinsky metalware plant" JSC, chemical, rubber and plastic production, represented by "Polimir" Ltd., "Rus plus" Ltd., "Ferroplast-Medical" Ltd..

"Yaroslavl starch and treacle industrial complex" Ltd., "Bolshiye Soli" Ltd. (known as a manufacturer of  "Nekrasovskaya" mineral water), "Severnoye Siyaniye" Ltd. ("Severyanka") are engaged in food production.

Mercantile business is well developed, public catering establishments are preserved in the district centre.

For a long time famous for their mineral springs, these places have become the basis for creation of clinics and recreational centers.


Investment potential


On the goals of the District’s administration is attracting investment of capital for tourism, infrastructure and services development.




Tourism is one of the prospective economical activities of the District.

Enjoying affluent historical and cultural resources, the Nekrasovsky District stands out among tourist objects of the Yaroslavl Oblast. There are amazingly beautiful scenic landscapes, architectural buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries, the unique Solonitsa river, which mineral springs still come to the surface and define the whole composition of its living microorganisms.

Nowadays a lot of efforts are made to restore dilapidated cathedrals, monasteries, estates. Even now these silent eye-witnesses of historic events are solemn and majestic drawing attention of  versed spectators to them: the Cathedral "Soothe my sorrow", Our Lady Christmas with frescos of the XVIIth century (pos. Nekrasovskoye), a town church of Vvedenskoye run by the Tolga nunnery (selo Vvedenskoye),  the Nikolo-Babaevsky monastery being under restoration (a burial place of the Great Saint Ignatiy Bryanchaninov). Not far from the latter, located on the bank of the Volga, there is a mineral spring, which can be accessed by any tourist. It is a well with saline, briny water. Also the Nekrasovsky district is highly ranked by a number of cathedrals having services in the Yaroslavl Oblast.

The main characteristics of salt, such as types available, colours, grinds, are demonstrated in the Nekrasovsky museum of regional studies comparing salt samples from different deposits.  Amazingly beautiful crystals of rock and lake salt which age is counted in millions of years decorate the collection. One can also get some water with healing properties from a real mineral spring at the mouth of the Volga and Solonitsa rivers.

One can have a rest in the family circle of  the well-known craftsmen, the Romanovs, drinking home-made wine and herbal tea with medicinal herbs. Birch bark paintings, clay toys make a wonderful collection displayed in their show-room

A trip visiting an old settlement of Rybnitsi (a birthplace of A. M. Opekushin, the author of a monument of A. S. Pushkin in Moscow and other places), Dievo-Gorodishche settlement (where a famous comedy picture, "Afonya", was screened) is not any less captivating. One can tour poet A. N. Nekrasov's favourite hunting places and enjoy the beauty of the Iskrobolskiye Lakes.

There are health centres, recreational centres, health-improving camps functioning in the Nekrasovsky district. The land is rich in mineral springs where nice health resorts have been located, such as:  "Bolshiye Soli", "Zolotoy Kolos", "Maliye Soli", "Saharezh" that are popular far beyond the Yaroslavl Oblast. In November 2005,  a Spa-hotel was opened on basis of a balneo-hydropathic establishment, one of the best of the sort in the Yaroslavl Oblast. The treatment has an antiphlogistic, sedative, resolving effects,  improves motor functions, contributes to the improvement of metabolic processes in the organism. Diseases of digestive system, locomotor apparatus and neural diseases are cured there. Altogether, the whole health and recreational complex of the Nekrasovsky district can host, accommodate and offer its health and recreational services to about 1,000 people at a time. Thus, this direction is envisaging further development in the district.



Administration of the Nekrasovsky municipal district


152260, Yaroslavl Region, pos. Nekrasovskoye, Naberezhnaya St., 37

phone +7 (48531) 4-13-68,

fax +7 (48531) 4-19-40

The Head of administration of municipal district

Nickolai Vladimirovich Zolotnikov