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The Pervomaisky district population as of 01/01/2006 was 12,600.

The district area is 2,226.9 sq. km.

The administrative centre is Prechistoye.

The distance from the district center to Yaroslavl is 98 km.




The Prechisty land is one of the most beautiful corners of the Yaroslavl Oblast. It was first mentioned in the middle of the XVI th century. The first mentioning about Prechistoye was discovered in the deed of purchase of Prince Kemsky dated by 1526, it is in this very document that we find reference to Kukoboy selo, the most ancient settlement of the district.

Favourable geographic position of the settlements facilitated the development of agriculture, seasonal work and trade.

The features of this land and its role in the economic, social, political and cultural life of the Yaroslavl Oblast and in Russia took shape during the XXth century, marked by historic events of 1905, 1917, 1939, 1941. The district proceeded to develop also during the years of the war providing the country with timber, food and new heroes who fought in the fronts contributing to forging Victory. During the post-war years the economic and socio-cultural activities of the district received a new impulse with the district gaining high rates of development.


Socio-economic background


The Prechisty area is developing in favourable natural environment. Its temperate-continental climate allows to conduct socio-economical activities  throughout the year. Forest resources (birch trees, aspen trees, conifer and pine trees as well as mushrooms, berries, herbs), mineral resources (sand, gravel, detritus, clay), wild hunting animals, recreational resources make up the foundation of the socio-economic development of the district.

Water reserves (surface and underground) have not exhausted yet and can be used for everyday needs as well as industrial purposes,

Absence of both dangerous industrial production enterprises and a huge stream of motor vehicles ensures low air pollution level.

The Prechisty land is a rural area with all opportunities for promoting its economic development.

It has a number of advantages. Of vital role is its favourable geo-economic position: the area of Prechistoye is crossed by Moscow-Kholmogory magistral highway and the Moscow-Vologda railway; in its proximity there are large industrial cities such as Moscow, Yaroslavl, Cherepovetz and Vologda.

The leading agricultural sector in the district is dairy and meat production, two producers are engaged in flax processing. In the agri-food sector are employed 988 people. In the district operate 7 industrial enterprises. In the industrial sector food industry (dairy production and cheese making represent 68% ; forestry, woodworking industry - 30%. It provides jobs to more than 400 people of the district.

Further expansion of construction works the rates of which have been increasing lately is looked upon as a basis of the district's subsequent development.

One of the indicators of people's well-being improving is considered the state of trade and service sector which of late have been radically reviving. Small business accounts for more than 50% of trade and service. According to the results of annual competitions conducted in the Yaroslavl Region the Pervomaisky district was named the winner among the subgroup of 12 municipal districts with the population up to 40,000 people and it was conferred the 2nd Class Diploma.


Investment potential


The primary aim of the local development is the expansion of utilizing natural resources of the district with the attraction of new investments to the following branches:

-woodworking development (deep processing of wood/timber), processing of non-wood forest resources (mushrooms and berries);

-tourism development, including the rural one and its infrastructure.




The Prechisty land is the Northern Gate to the ancient Yaroslavl land. Its position on the border of the two oblasts (Yaroslavl's and Vologda's) with its district centre Prechistoye poselok, equally distanced from Vologda and Yaroslavl, accounts for its individuality.

There is a number of historical monuments on its territory. Among them is an architectural ensemble consisting of a grandeur (majestic) Saviour Cathedral (1912), a school and a hospital in the village of Kukoboy, a gift to his village fellows from merchant I. A. Voronin, Nikola's church in Nicola-Gora settlement (1901) and Assumption Church in Prechistoye  settlement.

In Kukoboy there is a monument of nature, the Pine Forest, a favourite place of recreation for the local people. Kukoboy attracts tourists with its astonishing history and landscapes. According to the legends kept by the people in its outskirts there used to live in its impenetrable woods and impassable bogs Baba-Yaga. For this fairy-tale personage there was built a log house for Baba-Yaga and a Fairy-Tale Museum.

Now Kukoboy, a capital of pies (pirogi) and the birth place of Baba-Yaga, stops tourists on their way to Cherepovetz, Vologda, Yaroslavl, also to Velikiy Ustyug. The property of Baba-Yaga has become so well-known that tourists from Moscow and foreign visitors frequented the place.

The district Museum of Forest and District Local Lore which opened on August 28, 2004 has become a visiting card of the district centre Prechistoye settlement. The historical building, the former house of merchant Sveshnikov, is located on the territory of the park, a monument of nature, the main adornment of which is the Assumption church (1801) and the smooth surface of the pond. Exhibited in the museum are the works of talented original master of woodcarving Maidanyuk V.V., Honoured worker of Culture of the RSFSR well-known in the Yaroslavl Region and beyond it.

One of the expositions of the museum is dedicated to the native citizen  of Prechistoye Petrov A.K., a filmmaker, art director who received a Silver Plate at the Chicago International Film Festival in 1986 for the animation film "Night" and Oscar Award for the best animation film "The Old Man and the Sea" in 1999.



Administration of the Pervomaisky municipal district


152430, Yaroslavl Region, pos. Prechistoye, Yaroslavskaya St., 90

phone +7 (48549) 2-12-48,

fax +7 (48549) 2-21-83

The Head of administration of municipal district

Inna Ilyinichna Golyadkina