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10.03.2015 | 18:00
Governor Yastrebov Held a Meeting With Ms. Anna Yarvitz, TEVA's General Manager Russia&CIS
TEVA opened a new manufacturing facility in Novoselki industrial park in October, 2014. By this day, the company has completed the certification of drugs it intends for production in Yaroslavl.
27.01.2015 | 19:00
Governor Yastrebov and CEOs of the local companies discussed actions to strengthen regional economy
Governor met regional economic council members to talk on issues related to the local real sector enterprises. Governor promised to pass the voiced ideas on how to increase industrial effectiveness under the current volatile economic situation to the country's top leadership, which is to take place later this week.  
16.01.2015 | 17:00
Governor Yastrebov Reported On His Participation In Gaidar Forum 2015
Governor Sergei Yastrebov took part in the plenary chaired by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev on January, 15. 
17.12.2014 | 14:00
New Investor in the Yaroslavl Oblast
Agency for Investment and Cluster Development welcomed a new investor to the Yaroslavl soil.
15.12.2014 | 14:00
The Yaroslavl Oblast Is Concentrating On Increasing Its Investment Attractiveness
The Yaroslavl oblast government is conducting a seminar on best practices of the National Investment Rating  implementation in the Yaroslavl oblast.
11.12.2012 | 19:00
The Russian International Olympic University will be preparing professionals for sport industry in Yaroslavl region
The Governor of Yaroslavl region, Sergey Yastrebov, and the CEO of the Russian International Olympic University, Professor Lev Belousov, signed a cooperation agreement
10.12.2012 | 16:00
Yaroslavl schoolchildren had a chance to communicate with scientists from Switzerland
The first video conference between Yaroslavl State Demidov University and the European Center of Nuclear Research CERN (Switzerland) was held on the 10th of December, 2012. It coincided with the closing of international interactive exhibition “Imaginary: through the eyes of mathematics”
06.12.2012 | 19:00
In the context of the third Yaroslavl energy forum five important agreements for the development of the region were signed
On the 6th of December, 2012, during the third Yaroslavl energy forum, the Government of the region signed 5 agreements which are very important for economy development and increasing energy efficiency of the region. All of them are focused on attracting investments, technological innovations and professional staff into the regional complex power engineering industry
05.12.2012 | 21:00
The Government of Yaroslavl region and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation signed an agreement
On the 5th of December, 2012, in Moscow the Government of Yaroslavl region and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation signed an agreement about cooperation in the sphere of foreign economy. The Governor Sergey Yastrebov and the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Andrey Belousov acted on behalf of their corresponding bodies
05.12.2012 | 16:00
In 20 years of cooperation between the Yaroslavl region and the State of Hesse, more than a hundred joint projects were carried out
For over 20 years the bureau for cooperation between the Federal State of Hesse and the Yaroslavl region has been contributing to the development of multifaceted relationships between our region and Germany. The agreement, which became the basis of a long-term partnership, was signed in 1992. The aim of the document is to help establish contact with German enterprises as well as to extend cooperation in social, economic and humanitarian spheres
21.11.2012 | 1:00
Yaroslavl region is among seven pilot areas of Russia in implementation of a state programme for comfortable and affordable housing construction
Yaroslavl region  is  among the pilot areas for the federal programme implementation  for comfortable and affordable housing construction beginning with 2013 . It was announced by the Minister of Regional Development of Russia Igor Slyunyaev at the meeting of Russian Government on 15th November 2012
20.11.2012 | 1:00
The Government of Yaroslavl region considers Japan as one of the strategic partners
Within the frame of the business trip  to Japan, which is 20-23 November 2012 the Governor of Yaroslavl region Sergey Yastrebov takes part in the XIII joint meeting of Russian- Japanese and Japanese-Russian committees on economic cooperation in Tokyo. On the 20th November 2012 the head of the region presented a report at the meeting of Russian- Japanese intergovernmental committee on trade and economic issues where he spoke about the government policy of increasing investment attraction of the territory
16.11.2012 | 1:00
Yaroslavl region takes part in closing the Year of Russian tourism in China
On the 15-17th of November 2012 delegation headed by the governor Sergey Yastrebov is taking part in closing the Year of Russian tourism in China. On the 15th of November 2012 the investment potential of Yaroslavl region was represented at “China International Travel Mart” exhibition and on the 16th of November – at Russian-Chinese forum which was devoted to cooperation in the field of tourism
16.11.2012 | 1:00
Yaroslavl region introduced the investment project for the airport “Tunoshna” at the Russian- Chinese forum for cooperation in travel industry
Yaroslavl region delegation headed by the governor Sergey Yastrebov took part in the second summit of Russian- Chinese Forum for cooperation in travel industry. This large-scale event which was dedicated to the end of the year of Russian tourism in China took place in Shanghai on 16th November 2012.
16.11.2012 | 1:00
Provinces Guangdong and Jiangxi and the Government of Yaroslavl region signed the treaties of cooperation in travel industry
16th November 2012 within the framework of the Russian-Chinese forum on cooperation in travel industry the protocols for cooperation between people’s governments of Guangdong and Jiangxi Provinces and Government of Yaroslavl region, on behalf of which the Governor Sergey Yastrebov gave a speech, were signed
15.11.2012 | 1:00
Fitch Ratings Agency changed the forecast on long-term ratings in Yaroslavl region from “Stable” to “Positive”
15 November an international rating agency Fitch Ratings changed the forecast on long-term ratings in Yaroslavl Region in foreign and national currencies from “Stable” to “Positive” and confirmed the region’s position on the supreme power level
14.11.2012 | 1:00
The first meeting of the Children’s public council took place in Yaroslavl region
Children’s public council was created with the support of the Yaroslavl region children’s ombudsman Tatyana Bondareva and held its first meeting on the 14th of November
12.11.2012 | 1:00
“Teva” starts pharmaceutical plant construction in Yaroslavl
On the 12th of November 2012 deputy governor Igor Elfimov, deputy mayor Dmitry Donskov and representatives of the international company TEVA took part in a press- conference devoted to project realization of a new pharmaceutical plant construction
12.11.2012 | 1:00
The governor’s initiative to support rural hospitals of the Yaroslavl region
100 cars will be bought for district hospitals of the Yaroslavl region within a 6 months period - informed the deputy governor Alexander Senin at the press-conference on the 12th of November  2012
08.11.2012 | 1:00
WTM London 2012: a new look at Golden Ring tour
The Deputy Governor of the Yaroslav region, Igor Elfimov, did his presentation «Travel and tourism in Central Russia: a new look at Golden Ring route» on International tourism fair WTM (World Travel Market) 2012 in London
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