In Yaroslavl the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev defined the standards of effective democratic state
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10.09.2010 | 18:25

In Yaroslavl the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev defined the standards of effective democratic state

10.09.2010 Plenary session of the Global Policy Forum, Yaroslavl

Addressing the plenary meeting of the Global Policy Forum, the president of Russia, at the beginning, estimated a terrorist act that occurred in Vladikavkaz the day before, on the 9th of September.

We are absolutely determined to fight the war against terror in Russia to its end. We have no other choice. This struggle will continue, - claimed  Dmitry Medvedev after a one-minute silence in honour of the memory of terrorist act victims in the capital of North Ossetia.

Talking about the main theme of the Global Policy Forum –the standards of democracy and criteria of efficiency of the modern world state – the President of Russia noted that, что «the practice of democracy can save millions of people in Russia and billions throughout the world from abjection and poverty». Thereby, according to Dmitry Medvedev’s opinion, Russia is still in the beginning of its way of democratic forms of governance development.

- Russia is a democracy, young, immature, incomplete and inexperienced, but it's a democracy nevertheless. We are still at the beginning and for this reason we have a lot of work to do. But we are free, -  said the Head of the State.
The President named five modern standards of democracy which he considers essential:

1)   the legal realization of humanistic values and ideals;
2)    the ability to provide and maintain an advanced level of technological development;
3)    the ability of a democratic state to protect its citizens from attacks by criminal networks;
4)    high levels of culture, education, communication and information exchange;
5)    citizens' conviction that they live in a democratic state.

According to the President, the Global Policy Forum in Yaroslavl made closer the efforts of many states in the sphere of democratic standards strengthening. Dmitry Medvedev pointed out that democratic standards should be common for all the countries:

- Just like human rights, standards of democracy should be internationally recognised. Only this can make them truly effective. Along with this, it is important that common standards not be double standards nor hollow slogans, as everyone who participates in their development must apply them too.

 Dmitry Medvedev also thanked “this wonderful Russian city of Yaroslavl” for the hospitality. According to the President’s opinion, Yaroslavl Forum plays an important role in the development of the Russian state and in the processes of the international political system.

- The discussions in Yaroslavl will have a positive impact on various global political processes, facilitate the development of ideas by the broadest range of people about a just world order, the goals of international development, the transformation of government systems and international institutions to make them more rational and effective, and responses to the challenges posed in the third millennium, - marked the head of the Russian state.

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Speech at the plenary session of the Global Policy Forum The Modern State: Standards of Democracy and Criteria of Efficiency