The 1000-year Anniversary Celebration in Yaroslavl in 2010
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The 1000-year Anniversary Celebration in Yaroslavl in 2010

 In July 2003 the President of the RF has signed the decree “On celebration of the 1000-year anniversary of the foundation of Yaroslavl”.

 In February 2004 the President appointed a federal organization committee for preparation of the anniversary celebration, at the head of the committee stands Minister of Economic Development and Trade German Gref.

 In May 2008 the State Committee for preparation to 1000-year anniversary's celebration was headed by the President of the Russian Federation Dmitri Medvedev.

 In September 2006 the Government of the RF approved the plan of the basic measures, connected with preparation and realization of the 1000-year anniversary of Yaroslavl celebration. More than 550 million Euros from budgets of all levels, including assets from the federal budget, were allowed for the realization of the whole project.

 By 2010 Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl Region will receive about 2 billion Euros for development of transport and social infrastructure, construction of dwelling houses, trade centers and hotels, an exhibition hall and a congress-hall, also for foundation of new enterprises with participation of international companies.

 In Yaroslavl by 2010 about 200 thousand square meters of dilapidated and breakdown houses will be resettled. Total volume of investment required is 120 million Euros.

 By 2010 the Cathedral of the Assumption will be constructed on the place of an earlier destroyed temple in the historical center of Yaroslavl. A patron Viktor Tyryshkin finances this project; he plans to invest about 20 million Euros for its realization. The Cathedral will be of about 2000 square meters area and 60 meters high.

 In Yaroslavl on the occasion of the 1000-year anniversary two water parks, a zoo, a race track and several new museums will be constructed and opened, historical center of the city will be equipped with modern services and utilities and restored.

 The President of the RF and members of the RF Government, heads of foreign countries, heads of the Russian regions and the leading Russian and international companies, working in Russia, will visit Yaroslavl to celebrate its 1000-year anniversary.

 During 2010 Yaroslavl expects to host about 1.5 million tourists.

 The main investment projects, already being carried out within the bounds of the preparation for the 1000-year anniversary of Yaroslavl in 2010, are as follows

  - Hotel infrastructure development program includes construction on the territory of the region and the city of about 1500 new hotel rooms of 3 and 4 star category. Total volume of investment required is about 120 million Euros.

 - Construction near Uglich of the Yaroslavl Region of a golf-complex of international level with two playing grounds, a cottage community, a hotel, a yacht-club and the necessary infrastructure. Total volume of investment required is about 60 million Euros.

 - Construction in Yaroslavl of a multifunctional recreation and hotel complex with medical rehabilitation center “Petrovskiy Park”. Total volume of investment required is about 68 million Euros.

 - Reconstruction of the central historical square of the city of Yaroslavl and construction of a multifunctional leisure and entertainment complex. Total volume of investment required is about 100 million Euros.

 - Construction of a new low-rise dwelling complex “Yablonevy Posad” with the required infrastructure. The total building volume is about 1000 square meters. Total volume of investment required is about 370 million Euros.